Ebay listing

and before any one has a go at me, yes I bought this with the phone from a member on here clicky phone sold on ebay for 85 yipee so now I don't have use for this.

As per rules I have to put price, so lets say 10 ono NO BELT CLIP

Wiki rules
Profit :
Were all allowed to make a profit regardless of the previous origin or cost of an item listed. If a member bought this item on wiki and sold it on to another member that's profit. If i bought an umbrella i'm sure i could resell it for more when the weather was not so good. If a seller bought the item on e-bay or an external site that's no one else's business. We advise you to read the buyers sellers guide below.

Please only reply to post, if you want to buy or have a question about said item, don't post just to have a go, if you want to have a mouth of, then feel free to pm me, but don't expect a reply, as you will be ignored, unless it's a genuine question.

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