for Sale is my beloved project from a year or so back

bought initially as a Fender Squier Affinity Strat and i've basically replaced everything except the wooden bits... all the hardware has been stripped and upgraded including:

new pickups for 42 these ones (in gold)
new locking machine heads for 30 these ones (in gold)
new input jack for 4.50
new knobs for 3
as well as other various bits such as a new neckplate and new string trees, all of which are gold coloured

the guitar itself is 3-tier sunburst and so with gold hardware (except bridge, that's still chrome) it looks gorgeous.

will include official fender strap and a stagg tuner.

i literally (about 45 minutes ago) just put new Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's (10's) on it and polished the guitar, conditioned the fretboard and lubed up the strings afterwards. i take good care of all my guitars.

sadly there's just no space any more and this is the first of the bunch to go.

yours, all in, for (i believe) a bargain price of 160