Background (Preamble):
On the 15th April 1989 I was in one of the few ambulances allowed on the Sheffield Wednesday football pitch. I was not called to give evidence to the Taylor inquiry in 1989/90. I will be required to give evidence at the new inquest into the deaths of the 96. South Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Sheffield City Council and I have all been awarded Interested Person status. This status, amongst other things, allows an opportunity to have legal representation at the inquest.

While the Police Authorities, the Ambulance Service and the City Council will have their legal teams paid for the taxpayer, I currently have to find every penny of my legal costs.

Ambulance Service staff involved with the disaster have been offered general representation by the Ambulance Service Lawyers but as this is only to serve the interests of the Ambulance Service it will inevitably act as a way to gag me. I cannot sit alongside the Ambulance Service Managers as I am one of their biggest critics. I should not be silenced by not being able to afford advice and support.
Mia Mabel

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jer-e-my Cor-byn