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#873328 - 30th Apr 2014 10:34pm Windows XP Help Reqd
Fireblade Online   content

Registered: 13th Apr 2011
Posts: 278
Loc: Oxton
I have WindowsXP,Firefox,Malwarebytes,
and Spybot,which i run every week,can anyone advise me,is it safe to run XP as long as i dont do my banking on it.

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#873343 - 1st May 2014 3:25am Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Fireblade]
venice Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 21st Jul 2011
Posts: 2625
Loc: Wirral
Here is some extra protection you could use .I think the word relatively is the operative one - from what Ive read, you do all you can, be vigilant over attachments and emails and hope you're lucky.

#873346 - 1st May 2014 7:49am Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Fireblade]
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21028
Loc: Wirral
There is already a big hole in Internet Explorer 6 - 11 which is patched on > Xp So that's the first one.

WIth that one you have to visit a per say web site and then there is a possibility that they can take control of your profile.

As above.
Use it as a tool to surf the internet with. But remove any sensitive information on there. There was talke of a chinese company continuing with the XP security fixes as 50% of china is on xp so dont feel your the only one on XP.

Go into many establishments and there still on XP.

For total peace of mind its about 80 - 100 for a Win 7 Disc.
Worries are now gone smile
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#873361 - 1st May 2014 9:22am Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Mark]
Snodvan Offline

Forum Addict

Registered: 19th Mar 2008
Posts: 1257
Loc: Wallasey Village
I do have to wonder how long before Win 7 goes the same way as XP ie support withdrawn?

Mrs has an XP machine (mundane web searches, Word, Skype, Email - and banking, so I am also considering whether to (sadly) let XP "go" and upgrade her to Win 7. The machine she uses was inherited from her son after he used it for Uni over 4 years ie is likely messed full of c**p and badly needs a wipe and operating system re-install but I am inclined to stay with XP. In all the years of use we have never had any virus or similar problem.

5 Precepts of Buddhism seem appropriate. Refrain from taking life. Refrain from taking that which is not given. Refrain from misconduct. Refrain from lying. Refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness

#873362 - 1st May 2014 9:36am Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Snodvan]
Willo_ Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 5th Jul 2012
Posts: 2518
Loc: Merseyside

#873368 - 1st May 2014 11:00am Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Fireblade]
Gibbo Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 27th Dec 2010
Posts: 1755
Loc: Oxton
When I used to do computer repairs I'd often find that the user never ran Windows Update and it was missing hundreds of patches and vulnerability fixes.

#873385 - 1st May 2014 12:10pm Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Fireblade]
eggandchips Online   Reading

Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Nov 2011
Posts: 2366
Loc: wallasey
cos i'm that kinda guy...

#873402 - 1st May 2014 1:04pm Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Snodvan]
snowshoes Online   content


Registered: 16th Aug 2010
Posts: 745
Loc: ottawa canada ( formerly new b...
I do have to wonder how long before Win 7 goes the same way as XP ie support withdrawn?

Snod, I read Win 7 will be supported until 2020.

#873411 - 1st May 2014 1:36pm Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: Fireblade]
BandyCoot Offline

Forum Veteran

Registered: 7th Dec 2008
Posts: 5349
Loc: Birkenhead
Right on the button there Gibbo. My brother hardly ever does it and I have to sort it out now and again when I go there. When the computer gets too slow he just gets another one because he thinks it's goosed, it only needs a good clean out. Funny thing is that you can't change people who don't do their housekeeping.
Birkenhead........ God's own Room 101.

#873420 - 1st May 2014 2:46pm Re: Windows XP Help Reqd [Re: BandyCoot]
PCM1G Offline

Registered: 4th Apr 2014
Posts: 1
Loc: upton
You could install linux. Generally less security issues, especially those targeting microsoft.

Most things will run on linux, except office - but openoffice is normally good enough for most people in general domestic use.

Not an expert by any means, but seems a safer (free) way of alleviating your fears over e-security on an unsupported XP (or at least until the chinese do something about it).

Good luck

Edited by PCM1G (1st May 2014 2:47pm)


Moderator:  Mark 
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