I have the guts of an excellent gaming computer here that I am selling.I have a motherboard, processor and Ram. I am happy to build this computer in to a case and add a graphics card of your choice.

I have the following items:
Asus Rampage Extreme X48 SLI motherboard with X-FI Soundcard
Intel Q9450 processor (quad core, 12mb L2 Cache)
8Gb Ram.
160Gb HDD
650w PSU

Simply pick your own Case and Graphics card and I will build your new PC for you (I would also recommend a new SSD hard drive smile

I am looking for 100 for the kit I have here, alternatively I will build your new computer for you for an additional 50. so... in summary, if you bought
This Coolermaster Case and This graphics card

You will have very good computer for just 250! if you want me to build it for you then it is just 300 for this amazing spec computer! alternative you can This graphics card and play the likes of Battlefield 4 at ultra settings. up to you!

Pictures of the motherboard