Today I received a small what I call a card from a company called hillside.

Those who have had one know what they are.

There is nothing in the card just a note on the back, with the date, occupier, and starts with dear so and so.

It then states.

Please telephone me as soon as possible and quote the message noted below.
Messages will be available for seven days from the date shown above. Please be assured we are not a sales company, nor is our phone number charged at premium rates.

It then has a message number and a name of who it's from with a phone number.

Be assured this company are a debt collecting fraud company that say they can consolidate your debts into one and you only pay one company.

I was lucky to use my brain and do a search on them on web and I did not like what I was reading, for those that would like to do a search this is the details to search.

Google, hillside, Clifton house, Clifton mills, brighouse, west Yorkshire.

If you call them they have your details and they will harrass you ever after.