Absolutely fascinating list of records and references, which although lengthy, they show the large numbers of soldiers mustered in Chester from all over the country. The transportation of them to Ireland during the Nine Year War. Outline of letters to and from the Mayor of Chester and Lord Burghley. The last to Burghley being on the 8th August 1598. The Mayor could not have known Burghley died on the 4th August 1598!
Court rolls of the time of Edward I and middle ages , and names included which we still recognise today in the Cheshire area.
Lots to plough through, but it can build a clearer picture of the times, if anyone is interested.

Extract relating to Woodside.No date given but the ref. would suggest about 1600.

[no title] ZM/MP/12/31 n.d

Account given by Robert Rydinge, "of the Ferie Howse, farmer of the passage boates at Birkett Wodde Side", for the ferrying of horse and foot over to Liverpool, and for other services. Note reference to the "Bastable Shippes".

Probably 1596:
Note concerning the "Toby" of Hilbry apparently requisitioned for the transshipment of 100 soldiers ZM/MP/8/15 n.d

[no title] ZM/MP/8/6 Nov. 9th, 1596

Letter from the Mayor of Liverpool to the Mayor; from Liverpool. Explains that he does not question the authority of instructions received from the Council, but considers that the Mayor of Chester is exceeding those instructions in extending his authority over Liverpool. He is unwilling to receive the 300 soldiers at all; Liverpool is a desolate place in winter and Her Majesty's affairs will not be forwarded should the soldiers "miscarry"


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