the title's a bit vague but what i'm asking is this:

is it possible to 'book' the football cages you see in parks etc?

i'm asking not as i wish to book one, myself and some friends were playing football in the one in Harrison Park, New Brighton, and a teacher from a local school (won't mention the school, but it's the mixed-sex secondary school in wallasey village) accompanied by about 30 pupils came over to us and asked us to leave as they had booked the cage for use.

we tried to argue the toss but he wasn't having any of it and when one of the little s**ts kicked our ball away he basically set up camp in there and had them start playing essentially forcing us out.

so is it possible to book these cages out or was the teacher being an ar$e? i have written a letter of complaint to said school but i don't expect to be hearing anything back...