FOR Sale

8GB iPhone 3G

This comes on, works, of a fashion, and you can make calls with it, sometimes.

It's had a new back cover fitted which has a glossy back (like a 3GS, which its not) and says 16Gb on it (which it's not either).

It's had a new Digitizer put on by an arthritic Gibbons, although give him his due, if you poke it hard enough with big stubby fingers it does respond, eventually (the phone, not the Gibbon, we do not advise poking Gibbons, if you do things might get funky).

It will connect to the App Store, eventually, but as it runs on the completely out of date 4.2.1 software most apps won't download anyway as its too old.

I think it's on O2,, if you really care that much I will look.

The phone looks like its charging up and works on standby for days, then goes flat when you actually try and use it, new battery has been fitted, made no difference whatsoever.

Put it into a charging dock or music player and you have an iPod, that you can't take anywhere else.

I was going to give it to my granddaughter to play with but I'm a bit worried in case she fixes it and takes over the world.


Or offers

Anyone over 30 now has Funky Gibbon playing in their head, anyone under 30 should look it up on YouTube and see how little Bill Oddie has aged in that time.