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#776575 - 13th Mar 2013 8:49pm blown exhaust?
Petei123 Offline

Registered: 10th May 2007
Posts: 558
Loc: Prenton
How much/how easy is it to fix a blown exhaust?

Mine has recently gone, I think in the middle somewhere (haven't had the car up). Sounds like a tractor under acceleration and vibrates a lot! Its also very noisy on a motorway cruise.

Am I right in thinking that the exhaust has gone or could it be something different?

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#776620 - 13th Mar 2013 9:55pm Re: blown exhaust? [Re: Petei123]
Garygadge Offline

Registered: 23rd Oct 2007
Posts: 493
Loc: Wirral
I've just had the middle box replaced on mine, was quoted 100 at national, 81 at ATS then 58 at wirral tyres in bro borough, sounds like yours will need doing too.

#776662 - 14th Mar 2013 7:45am Re: blown exhaust? [Re: Garygadge]
neilhbb Offline

Registered: 21st Jun 2011
Posts: 18
Loc: Hoylake
If it is really loud it is likely there is a major hole in the exhaust or a pipe has completely separated and is beyond repair. The exhaust gases combine inside the exhaust and attack it so it really is quite common for them to go like this. You will be looking a replacing the part of the exhaust that has failed, but it is worth checkintg the rest of it at the same time. If all the parts are a similar age it is likely other bits will fail in a similar timeframe and if you have the cash it will save you hassle to get them all done at the same time. Good luck with it, its worth shopping around to get it cheaper.

#776672 - 14th Mar 2013 9:18am Re: blown exhaust? [Re: Petei123]
Gibbo Online   content
Forum Addict

Registered: 27th Dec 2010
Posts: 1796
Loc: Oxton
If its the middle section, won't that be the cat?

I got a back box for my 306 from Euro Car Parts, it was only about 25 and easy enough to fit.

#776679 - 14th Mar 2013 10:42am Re: blown exhaust? [Re: Petei123]
StuyMac Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 24th Nov 2003
Posts: 12002
Loc: Wirralshire
Cover the tail pipe with the car running and see if it makes the noise worse. This will force the exhaust gasses out of any hole that has developed.

Price - depends on where it has gone and what sections need replacing. A local garage will do an exhaust replacement and may well be cheaper than the big exhaust / tyre specialists.

What If There Were No Hypothetical Questions?

#777673 - 17th Mar 2013 3:35pm Re: blown exhaust? [Re: Petei123]
fish5133 Online   content
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Mar 2010
Posts: 3055
Loc: Heswallish
I had a hole and small split in a pipe patched it couple of times and its got me through 2 mots. Tried the basic paste stuff but that blows out after a while. My longest repair was metal gauze paste an empty tin can and 2 large jubilee clips. Cover the hole with gauze and repair paste , cut the empty bean can along its length and put over the repair. Tighten the can down on the repair with the jubilee clips. cost about 10.

#777682 - 17th Mar 2013 4:06pm Re: blown exhaust? [Re: fish5133]
2005wireman Offline

Registered: 13th Jan 2011
Posts: 255
Loc: Warrington
Avoid taking it to a big car dealers they give u a price and order the wrong parts then have the cheeky to try and charge you for there mistake


Moderator:  StuyMac 
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