Xpress Data Systems Ltd www.xpress-data.co.uk are launching a new website called CamisOnline ).

This is an online system for sales order processing, invoicing, production control and purchase order processing see CamisOnline website link for further details.

We would like to start to promote the business through relevant forums such as small business sites similar to UK Business Forums

This will be by replying to relevant posts on sites like this with useful information and back-linking to blogs wherever possible. This is work is not about going on forums and just dropping links, but to reply with some meaningful content.

The summary of this work would be as follows:

Identify relevant online channels for communication and engagement e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, blogs
Meaningfully engage with CamisOnlines's target audience via the identified channels to build community
Research and write blog posts for the Camis website
Promote Camis's blog posts and articles to the relevant audience

This work would be ideal for a homeworker with business knowledge, networking experience, an interest in social media (Twitter and LinkedIn in particular) and is comfortable with software/some IT terms.

Please PM me for further details. We would prefer an individual with experience of doing this kind of work before.