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#745035 - 22nd Nov 2012 12:39pm Energy saving fund
Montceau Offline

Registered: 13th Oct 2012
Posts: 6
Loc: Bromborough
I responded to an ad in the Wirral News saying grants were available subsidising energy saving home improvements. I just had their salesman call and quote me £4750 for a new roof. He claims I'm entitled to a grant of £2600 to bring the price down to this £4750 but I can't get to the bottom of who funds the grants, he just kept saying its private funding not government grants. Anyone got any experience of this company, is this legitimate? I'm concerned it could be a scam. Thanks

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#745038 - 22nd Nov 2012 1:10pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
Salmon Online   content

Forum Addict

Registered: 8th Oct 2011
Posts: 1795
Loc: Wallasey
I have never heard of them but looking at their website they were only founded in 2008 so to me sounds like they have jumped on a bandwagon.As always get at least 2 other quotes and see how they compare. If they won't say who is subsidising the £2600 it sounds dodgy.

#745054 - 22nd Nov 2012 2:17pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
BandyCoot Offline

Forum Veteran

Registered: 7th Dec 2008
Posts: 5368
Loc: Birkenhead
I wouldn't go any further if I was you. Also another point to watch for, if they knock on your door cold calling then even if you go so far along the path of purchasing you can withdraw. If you send for them and go so far it is then hard to pull out because you have probably signed something along the way and they are there at your behest. Came across this one in dealing with Dolphin Bathrooms, another shower of thieving gits. The word shower wasn't meant as a joke.
The grant part is probably just part of the huge margin they allow themselves, the cost of the job is probably even less than the 4k or whatever.

Edited by BandyCoot (22nd Nov 2012 2:19pm)
Birkenhead........ God's own Room 101.

#745661 - 24th Nov 2012 11:14pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
venice Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 21st Jul 2011
Posts: 2999
Loc: Wirral
Unless your roof is going to be replaced with a new special thermally efficient one I dont quite see that a new roof would come under energy efficiency .If it is, a genuine salesman would be able to tell you exactly how this is funded and who is behind it, and how the scheme works ,plus leaflets about the kind of energy saving roof they were installing.
Agree with the others, get another estimate or two for whatever it is you want doing and dont let this firm push you into anything you're not sure about. Good luck.

#745868 - 25th Nov 2012 10:32pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
futurepast Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 15th Mar 2012
Posts: 301
Loc: wirral
I think this is what you are talking about?

Green deal scheme

Green Deal Cashback for householders

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme is a first-come, first-served offer where householders can claim cashback from Government on energy saving improvements like insulation, front doors, windows and boilers. Packages could be worth over £1000 - the more you do, the more you get. It is available from 28 January 2013 for households in England and Wales.

The Cashback will only be available to householders who get a Green Deal assessment, have work arranged through a Green Deal Provider (this could be directly with a national brand or through a local tradesperson linked with a Provider) and make a contribution to costs.

The Government Cashback is a limited offer while funds last. Green Deal Participants can encourage their customers to get Green Deal assessments early so, when the scheme opens, customers are ready to apply and get approval, for their Cashback voucher before improvement work begins. A new quick guide on the Cashback scheme is available.

Government has guaranteed that £40m will be available at the rates listed in this guide. After this, Cashback amounts may reduce.

The Cashback is open to any householder making energy saving improvements under the Green Deal, after 28th January 2013. This includes owner-occupiers, those renting privately or in social housing. Landlords, both private and social, are also eligible where they pay installation costs, up to certain limits. In all cases, Cashback will be capped at 50% of the householder’s contribution to costs.

To qualify for the Cashback householders must:

have a Green Deal assessment carried out on the property
get and agree quotes from a Green Deal Provider (this could be directly with a national brand or through a local tradesperson linked with a Provider)
apply for Cashback voucher online or by phone. To make things easier some Providers will be able to apply on behalf of their customers
receive voucher confirming the Cashback
complete works within specified period
redeem voucher, along with evidence of works completed, for Cashback.

Work must be done within a specified period - 6 months for Solid Wall Insulation, 3 months for other improvements and in all cases before 31 March 2014 to claim the Cashback.

Householders can fund improvements through a Green Deal Plan, or however they wish, and get the Cashback but they must use a Green Deal Provider to arrange the work. The more improvements a householder makes, the bigger the Cashback.

Householders can only make one claim for the Cashback, but it may cover a package of improvements recommended by the Green Deal assessment. The Government Cashback is separate and additional to any similar offers that may be made by Green Deal Providers.

Householders can also choose to donate some or all of their Cashback to a charity or community interest company of their choice signed up with the scheme administrator.
Green Deal Cashback Scheme: Eligible measures and cash back amounts

These rates are guaranteed for the first £40m after which the rates are likely to reduce. Act early to get the best rates. Up to £125m has been earmarked for the scheme as a whole.

Loft insulation (including top up) and insulating cavity walls (where appropriate) are important, basic energy saving measures. So where a Green Deal assessment recommends these alongside other improvements, householders will only be able to get the Cashback if they do those too.
Energy Saving Measure

Cashback level
Loft insulation ( up) £100
Cavity Wall Insulation £250
Solid Wall Insulation* £650
Flat roof insulation £390
Room in roof insulation £220
Floor insulation £150
Hot water cylinder insulation (top up)** £10
Draught proofing £50
Heating controls (roomstat and/or programmer & time/temperature zone controls)** £70
Condensing oil boiler from non-condensing oil heating or other *** £310
Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler from non-condensing boiler or other. £270
Flue Gas heat recovery (condensing combi boiler) only alongside replacement boiler £90
New or replacement storage heaters £150
Replacement warm-air unit £60
Waste water heat recovery systems £60
Double/Triple Glazing (old single to A) £20 per m2 up to a maximum of £320
Secondary glazing £15 per m2 up to a maximum of £230
High performance replacement doors £40
Further conditions of cash back

* A minimum of 50% of external walls must be insulated to qualify for a Cashback.

** Cannot be claimed at same time as boiler replacement (as this is a regulatory requirement).

***householders should consider their renewable heat options, as they could get a higher payment under RHPP now, for certain measures.

When will people be able to apply to the scheme?

The scheme will open for applications at the end of January 2013 at the same time as the Green Deal becomes available.
Can I have measures installed now then claim for the Cashback subsequently?

No, the Cashback is only available for installations that take place after the scheme launches – but you can have your assessment done and get quotes for work before then.
Why are you capping Cashback amounts at a percentage of the applicant’s costs?

Some households will benefit from energy efficiency measures being installed for free, or at a significantly subsidised cost – primarily as a result of subsidy from the Energy Company Obligation. We want to avoid over-rewarding people who are already benefiting in this way.
What does this have to do with the £150 that Green Deal providers can offer customers?

The Cashback scheme will be separate and in addition to any other ‘incentives’ offered by providers. For example, the Energy Bill allows for up to £150 to be ‘forwarded’ to the customer as an incentive and then repaid as part of the Green Deal plan. Providers may choose to offer this, or incentives funded by other means, in addition to the Government Cashback. Providers will be required to make any such distinctions clear to customers.
I’m getting my energy-saving improvements for free – can I qualify for Cashback?

#745933 - 26th Nov 2012 12:13pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: futurepast]
chriskay Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 25th Oct 2007
Posts: 4868
Loc: shropshire
I was suspicious when I first read this, but it's on the .gov website so I suppose it's legitimate.
Carpe diem.

#745947 - 26th Nov 2012 1:41pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: chriskay]

Originally Posted By: chriskay
I was suspicious when I first read this, but it's on the .gov website so I suppose it's legitimate.

Chris: I hope that you are not implying that because it comes from the Government, we should trust it ???

Edited by Pinzgauer (26th Nov 2012 1:42pm)

#745968 - 26th Nov 2012 3:42pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: ]
chriskay Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 25th Oct 2007
Posts: 4868
Loc: shropshire
Originally Posted By: Pinzgauer
Originally Posted By: chriskay
I was suspicious when I first read this, but it's on the .gov website so I suppose it's legitimate.

Chris: I hope that you are not implying that because it comes from the Government, we should trust it ???

LOL, no indeed I'm not saying we should trust it, just that it doesn't seem to be a scam, which was my first thought.
Carpe diem.

#802129 - 21st Jun 2013 5:15pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
middled Offline

Registered: 21st Jun 2013
Posts: 1
Loc: wigan
DO NOT ring or give any notice to this company or any like it. i worked for them for 10 weeks in the wigan area then they suddenly ceased all work and shut everything down. they put the website into admin mode only and none of the managers will answer their phones, a guy i worked with went to the papers and they did an article on them. they let the wirral, wigan and liverpool teams go owing us 3 weeks pay and claimed theyd given it to out bosses and that the bosses must have kept it for themself. the main man was called Thomas adams from liverpool.

#805955 - 8th Jul 2013 10:32am Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
sig444 Offline

Registered: 8th Jul 2013
Posts: 1
Loc: widnes
i agree with Middled, i also worked for this company. was told on shut down for 2 weeks only and that we would all have our jobs back. never happened.

#814039 - 6th Aug 2013 4:23pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]

Registered: 6th Aug 2013
Posts: 2

#814045 - 6th Aug 2013 5:09pm Re: Energy saving fund [Re: Montceau]
Mark Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21086
Loc: Wirral
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