The Fast show 2005 3rd April, Santa Pod


The Fast Show
Sunday 3rd April 2005 - Santa Pod Raceway

Only 12 for three runs on the strip - Don't forget your driving licence.

The Fast Show is the first performance and modified car event of year at Santa Pod Raceway, so scrub the salt off your alloys, warm up your engine, and blast off down the mile!

Last year's event was jam-packed with great cars from all enthusiast groups, from Jap car clubs through to snarling Porsches, rare classics and Yank V8s. A real celebration of performance motoring and a great way to start the season!

Saturday - RWYB Public Track Day:

Run What Ya Brung open to all, incorporating The Fast Show test day and club arrival day. Bar open with evening entertainment and free camping for those staying over.

Sunday - The Fast Show:

All the action from The Fast Show, including: Run What Ya Brung Competition, Comedy, Pole Dancing, Jet car, Wheelie Car, Car Club displays, Page 3 Babes, Funfair, Free grandstand seats and parking, Sideshows, Trade village, The Autoglym Show Car Paddock, Jet Car and race-car demos.

The Run What Ya Brung Classes are:

A BMW, Rover, Volvo, MG
B Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat
C Ford
D Vauxhall/Opel
E VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
F Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Caterham and AC
G All Japanese Cars
H All other makes and models
I Non Road Legal

Tickets & Info hotline - 01234 78 28 28

Tickets Sat Sun Sat/Sun
Gate 10 15 20
Advance NA 12* 17*
Track Fee 15 unlimited 12 for 3 runs N/A
*Subject to 1 booking fee.







This project is supported by the Government Motorsport Unit

Santa Pod Raceway -
Airfield Road, Podington, Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7XA

Rules & Regulations

Please observe the following rules to ensure that your weekend and that of all our other visitors is safe and enjoyable.

Except for the drag strip of course! Please watch your speed when driving on-site. There are many people walking around especially young children.

No glass bottles, jars etc allowed on site. This is for you and your car's safety and especially for those in the camping areas.

The water supply and reserves have been vastly improved on site in the past two years. Drink it, clean with it but PLEASE don't waste it!

Please remember noise from the racing, especially drag cars and exhibition vehicles, including the Jet Car, can be loud. Please wear ear protection at all times in close proximity of the track, especially children. Ear protection can be purchased from the Santa Pod Shop and/or the Merchandise Trailer.

5. Do not trespass onto any of the adjoining private fields or woods. Any persons found on adjoining property will be evicted off the site immediately.

6. Only CHARCOAL barbecues are allowed; open fires of any sort are not permitted. Wood will not be allowed on site or to be collected from adjoining private land.

7. No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed on site for any reason.

8. No quad bikes, mopeds or any other unlicensed motorised vehicles are allowed on site.

9. When travelling round the site please keep to the roads and observe the 10mph speed limit at all times.

10. No parking on any roadway - park only in the camping or parking areas and in accordance with the instructions of the parking marshals.

11. No driving around the site after 9 p.m.

12. Any music should be played at a reasonable level and all sound systems should be shut down at midnight.

13. Please dispose of your litter in the refuse sacks provided and/or in the clearly marked bins throughout the site.

14. Security will be on site at all times throughout the event to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. Their instructions must be followed at all times. Please contact them in any emergency.

15. Trakbak Racing Limited reserves the right to vary or amend these rules at any time without prior notice and to remove any visitor from site who does not observe these rules at any time without compensation.

16. Please note and read the racing disclaimer on the rear of your entrance ticket.

All of us at Santa Pod hope that you have a safe and enjoyable weekend at the Raceway. Please let us have any ideas or suggestions you think might make your future visits better.

Nearby towns include Northampton (10 miles due west), Wellingborough (5 miles north west), Bedford (12 miles south east) and Milton Keynes (14 miles south west).

The raceway is reached via a number of routes from the surrounding "A" roads which include the A6, the A509, the A45 and the A428. Junctions 14, 15, 15A and 16 of the M1 motorway are also within a close proximity to the raceway.

Track Action - Run What Ya Brung

This is your opportunity to get out there and be a racing driver for the day on the most famous drag strip in Europe . The Motech sponsored classes are unique to this event and aim to find the fastest cars in the following manufacturer categories:

(Classes to be confirmed)

If you wish to race in the Run What Ya Brung, make sure you bring a valid driving license and MOT (you may be asked to present it if the race officials doubt the road-legality of your car)

Run What Ya Brung will cost 12 for three runs and includes automatic entry to the competition. Sign-on early to avoid disappointment! We predict the Run What Ya Brung will be as popular as ever.

Run What Ya Brung (RWYB): Beginners Guide

Rules & Regulations:

A full valid recognised driving license is required to sign-on.

Seat belt is mandatory for your own safety

Helmets required for bikes and open top cars and vehicles doing 100 mph or more at the finish line. Arm straps required in open top cars.

Before you go on to the track you need to visit the signing on office (located below the tower near the startline) to sign a declaration form and pay your signing on fee (note: price varies between events)

Signing on procedure:

Make sure you take your driving licence and cash for signing on.

Walk over to the signing on office at the base of the tower.
Present your driving licence and Signing on fee to the staff in the signing on office.
Collect your RWYB vouchers, wrist-band, and vehicle movement pass.
You may now move your vehicle over to the fire-up lane to join the back of the RWYB queue.
Once you have completed your runs, please return to your campsite or parking spot.
On Track Procedure:

If you haven't done RWYB before, here's what you have to do:

Attempt a burnout in the water patch under the tower when the start line is clear of the previous pairing. How you do this will depend on whether your car is front or rear wheel drive. This will help warm the tyres, and warm the crowd to you! Don't attempt to burn out in 4WD cars unless you know what you are doing. something will break!
Roll up to the start line slowly when the starter beckons you forward. Try and stay roughly level with your opponent.
As your front wheels reach the start line, a pair of orange bulbs will light on your side of the starting "tree" This means you are "pre-staged" and you are just inches away from being in the right position.
Roll forward a fraction more, and another pair of orange bulbs will light below the first pair. This means that you are in the right starting position.
When both you and your opponent have all staging lights lit, you are ready to go, so lift you engine revs, and get ready to drop the clutch.the starting tree lights will flash orange and then immediately green. Now is the time to GO! GO! GO!
Don't worry if you mess it up- the starting official will help you do the right thing. keep an eye on him for direction.
You can collect your timing slip from the signing on office. There is no charge for collecting your print-outs.
5 RWYB Tips for a great ET:

Avoid wheel spin on the run.
Avoid hitting the rev-limiter.
Change gear as smoothly and quickly as possible.
Race on a warm, but not hot engine.
Remember to take the handbrake off!!!
More RWYB Info:

A red light means you have gone too early. In a race you would be disqualified or penalized for getting a red light.

Toilets are located near the finish line on the opposite side of the track to the spectator bank.

Gates open at 8am, signing on will start from 9am and racing starts at 9:30 am (weather and track conditions allowing). The track usually closes at 5pm on normal RWYB days.

The dragstrip becomes much more slippery than a normal road when wet. For this reason the track will be closed if it is wet or icy. Track drying procedures will be employed at every RWYB event.

What's On

Keep an eye on this page for a full list of the day's entertainment.

Run What Ya Brung Competition
Pole Dancing
Jet car
Wheelie Car
Car Club displays
Page 3 Babes
Free grandstand seats and parking
Trade village
Jet Car and race-car demos

Fast Show 2004 Report

Performance and modified car fans blew away the winter cobwebs in dramatic style at the first ever Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway. This one-day Run What Ya Brung competition was very eagerly anticipated, and streams of cars were arriving from very early on Sunday morning from all over the UK and Europe . The furthest-travelled racer had come all the way from Cyprus just to compete at this event! It's a real shame he was a bit slow..
The track action kicked off at 9.30 am, and good times were being set right from the word go. All types of vehicles were seen on the strip, from modified monsters through to rare exotica and historic vehicles.

The new manufacturer-based competition classes took a bit of getting used to, but they provided us with winners driving very special vehicles:

Class A (BMW & Rover class):
Won by Barry Alambriti (A270) with a time of 13.525. Barry's BMW M3 is fitted with an awesome 3.2 litre engine, but was more or less standard in every way! Barry was delighted and surprised to have won the class, and would love to get back on the strip soon: this was his first go at drag racing!

Class B (Peugeot & Citroen class):
Won by Russel Barratt (B101) in a Peugeot 205 1.9 litre M16 GTI, adapted with 45mm throttle bodies. Russel's winning time was 15.360 in a very close class.

Class C (Ford class):
Danny Kirk (CH93) took the win in the very popular class C with his awesome Ford Sierra 4x4. Danny upset a few Skyline drivers (and fellow Ford drivers) on the day with his best time of 11.815.

Class D (Jap car class) & Class H (4WD class):
Garry Passingham (DH86) once again ripped up the track in his GT-ART Nissan Skyline. Gary was always going to be a contender with this car after his performance at the Japanese Performance Show, but was up against tough competition from other Skylines, Imprezas, and other high performance Jap kit. Gary 's best time was 11.236, so was clearly losing grip on the cold track- we've seen this car hit mid tens before. The poor Micra boys didn't stand a chance. Gary also won class H, making him the fastest 4x4 car of the day.

Class E (Renault & Fiat class):
This class was populated with some top-notch Renault 5's, and a handful of other models, but Michael Spencer (E205) took the win in his 250bhp 5 turbo. Michael arrived with his club, the RTOC, who enjoyed fighting it out amongst themselves all day.

Class F (Vauxhall & Lotus class):
Steve Dymond (FH165) stormed the track with his Vauxhall Calibre turbo 4x4, and clocked a best time of 13.540. We didn't see many lotuses enter this class, but the competition between the Vauxhall boys was fierce.

Class G (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda class):
After initially entering the Ford class (silly boy!), Lee Bithell (G143) went on to win this highly competitive class with his Mk1 Golf G60. The car comes with a supercharged engine as standard, but Lee has modified the car with an astonishing intercooler arrangement, roll-cage and NOS, and ran a best time of 14.577. Not at all bad for a front wheel drive car that is also very well presented.

Class I (Exotica), Class K (Best ET) & Class L (Best TS):
Class I contained some fascinating machines, and none more so than Webster Engineering's stunning 1956 Chevrolet. This car was fitted with an 11-litre supercharged V8 engine, and drank a fat dose of NOS too! The car is fully street legal, and runs a two-speed automatic gearbox. The first time this car went out, it was nearly road-kill, since the Nitrous kicked the rear wheels well out of shape and pointed the car at the wall at 100 mph! However, with Wayne Saunders (I147) at the wheel, the car was skilfully brought back into line after a terrifying trip sideways with two-wheels off the track. Later that day, brave Wayne had another crack and clocked a best time of 9.286 at over 150 mph. This run also secured him the best overall ET and Terminal Speed for a road-legal car. Impressive stuff.

Class J (Fastest reaction time):
This class was won by Julian Cox (DH151) in his lowered Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6. This car is tuned up with a twin-plate clutch, ported cylinder head, and hybrid turbo. Julian's reaction time was 0.516 seconds, only 0.116 seconds away from being perfect.

Class X (non-road legal vehicles):
No prizes for this class, but it was great to see the Fireforce 2 jet funnycar out on the track running incredible 5-second passes, Super Pro dragsters being tested, and much more besides including Vauxhall-powered Westfields and a V8 powered drag-BMW.

An amazing line up of vehicles, both old and new were present and highlights included a 1930's Bugatti, a 1960's E-type Jaguar, an '80's Lamborghini, the biggest collection of Subarus ever seen, awesome Skylines, gorgeous TVRs, Nobles, super-cool Escort Mexicos, super-fast Sierra Cosworths, and a whole load of rare versions of all types of make and model.

It was disappointing to see two Saxos and a Lancia Delta drop their guts onto the track in the afternoon, especially since they were such well-presented cars. Good luck to the owners in getting them back on track. A special mention to Fensport, who managed to get a new-shape Corolla into the 11s (well done lads), and to Vauxhall UK who brought alone one of the new Vauxhall Monaros to see what it could do. This car clearly has a lot of power, and it was great to see it out on the track.

A massive "thanks" goes out to everyone who took part in the competition- you put on a great show. Also, massive "thanks" go out to Motech, who have provided us with some great prizes for the winners of the RWYB competition. Off track, Motech put up their huge mobile store, and displayed a mouth-watering array of high-quality tuning and styling goods. Other traders seemed to be doing a brisk trade in a variety of products and services, and there was plenty to see on the Fuel records stand too.. Cheeky!

In the main bar, there were some trouser-tenting pole-dances by our resident bit of eye candy, and Mad Mark Peters brought the house down with his hilarious brand of foul-mouthed and shockingly un-PC comedy. Thanks to everyone who attended the event.

Thanks to for some of the photos on this page.
Please Note : Cruisewirral will Not be running a convoy to this event,

Memebers feel free to take a ride down there and come back and tell us all about it.

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