Hi all,

I have the third highest speced computer available on the open market! and i am considering the Sale of it. Let me know if you are interested.

Intel Core i7 3820 (3.6Ghz, 4 core 8 thread 10Mb L3 Cache!, Windows 7 score 7.7)
Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard socket 2011
Corsair 240 Gb Force 3 Solid state drive
Corsair Vengence 16Gb Ram
Antec water cooler for CPU
ATI (MSI) 6670 2Gb HDMI Graphics card
Antec 300 Two Case

Computer support USB 3, 3 way SLI, sata 6gb native SSD Caching etc

The list is endless.

System is brand new just been built and is not required, comes with a 12 month warranty on most parts (5 years on the board!)

Looking for £1100. Remember There are only 2 processes available to buy today that are better than this one, one is £400 and the other is £800 (just for the chip!)This system is under a week old and ready to go, Comes with Windows 7 Professional.

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