[b]Egremont Festival 11 Tobin Street
CH44 8DF
Dear Friends,
We are in the process of organising the very first Egremont Festival to be held next summer 2013 in conjunction of a sponsored walk in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. At present we are in talks with local council officials regarding various permissions and licences required and things are looking positive!!
The aim of the festival is to put Egremont back on the map, not just on the Wirral, but much wider a field. We would like to show people how Egremont has grown, evolved and changed, into what we see today. Egremont and Tobin Street have rightly earned their places in both local and national History, and even international recognition for its contribution to the development of this area, its people and social History.
Many faces have come and gone over time, people who have lived and worked here and stamped their mark in time too. With many folk having fond memories of a childhood spent enjoying the sands, the wide variety of shops, cafes, hotels and pubs, Egremont was once the bustling place to be!
In Victorian times you would have found many people ‘taking in the waters’, or a Punch and Judy show, donkey rides and races and not forgetting the mystic palm readers! Even an Egremont Regatta was held with both sides of the prom full of enthusiastic visitors waiting to see the ships racing and the local rowing clubs taking on each other too!
With all this in mind, we would like to show the variety of things you could have found here over the years, and remind some people of the happy times to be had on the sands of Egremont. So we are looking for enthusiasm, ideas, and even volunteers to help make this project become an event, and also earn its place in the History of Egremont.
So if you have a talent for ideas, or enjoy performing in a group club or society, have memories you would like to share, and would like to be part of the Egremont Festival team, please do get in touch. We are always looking out for talented people to help with activities, music and theatre, or if you would like to relive your childhood for a short while, do get in touch! If you are a member of a local community group, such historical societies, youth groups, charitable groups, and animal welfare or sporting groups, and would like to promote your organisation, drop us an email.
We will be arranging a public meeting shortly to show more people what will be happening next year, and will be able to update you on our progress.

Best Wishes Jess and Ann