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#727497 - 23rd Sep 2012 9:37pm Job Lot of over 140 Novels
Willo_ Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 5th Jul 2012
Posts: 2518
Loc: Merseyside
True Story Books

1: Searching For Daddy
2: Mother's Ruin
3: Handstands In The Dark
4: Just A Boy
5: The Lost Boy
6: Mummy Make It Stop
7: Daddy's Little Girl
8: The Step Child
9: Mummy's Witness
10: Silent SistersAbandoned
11: The Family Friend
12: Confession's Of A Bad Mother
13: Scarred
14: Silent Boy
15: Urban Grimshaw And The Shed Crew
16: Old Scores
17: If I Am Missing Or Dead
18: Cry Salty Tears
19: Mummy's Little Girl
20: The Little Prisoner
21: The Kid
22: Mummy's Witness
23: Damaged
24: Past Chances
25: The Kid Moves On
26: Hush Little Baby
27: No One Listened
28: The Little Prisoner
29: Beautiful Child
30: Help Yourself
31: My Story
32: Sweetie
33: Deliver Me From Evil
34: Hidden
35: nvisible Women
36: Alter Boy
37: Sickened
38: Alone
39: Helpless
40: The Boy In The Cupboard
41: Unravelled
42: Our Little Secret
43: Broken
44: Don't Tell Mummy
45: Betrayed
46: The Boy Grows Up
47: Unbeaten
48: Hannah's Gift
49: Forsaken
50: The Privilage Of Youth
51: Destroyed
52: A Brother's Journey
53: Tell Me Why Mummy
54: Send Me No Flowers
55: Tears At Bedtime
56: Rock Me Gently
57: Cry Myself To Sleep
58: When Daddy Comes Home
59: Cry Silent Tears
60: A Teenagers Journey
61: Don't Ever Tell
62: Behind Closed Doors
63: Betrayed
64: Sue's Story
65: Handstands In The Dark
66: Not Without My Sister
67: Shame
68: I Just Want To Be Loved
69: Please Daddy No
70: Don't Tell Mummy
71: The Step Child
72: Just A Boy
73: Please Let it Stop
74: Hannah's Gift
75: Someone To Watch Over Me
76: Sickened
77: Never A Hero To Me
78: Escaping Daddy
79: Nobody Heard Me Cry
80: Punished
81: Ugly
82: Not Alone
83: Crying In The Dark
84: Beautiful Boy

85: A child Called It Trilogy box set

Medical / Health Books + Others

1: Prescription & Non-Prescription Medicines
2: Your Pregnancy Week By Week
3: 1001 Medical Questions & Answers
4: Understanding Epilepsy
5: Practical Homeopathy
6: The New Contented Little Baby Book
7: Pregnancy
8: When Your Lover Is A Liar
9: You Are What you Eat
10: Your Bowels
11: Managing Workplace Stress
12: Human Body
13: Plumbing (D.I.Y)
14: Body Control Pilates Manual
15: Your Pregnancy Week By Week
16: Family Doctor Home Adviser
17: Your Body's Many Cries For Water
18: Alternative Therapies
19: Concise Guide To Medicines & Drugs
20: Food Directory
21: The Baby Mind Reader
22: Before You Call The Doctor (Dr Hilary Jones)
23: Practical First Aid
24: Social Work Practice
25: Hormone Book
26: Pregnancy & Birth Book (Dr Hilary Jones)
27: The Good Sleep Guide For You And Your Baby
28: Symptoms, Illness & Surgery
29: Who Cares? (One Family's Shocking True Story Of 'Care' in today's NHS)
30: Your Child's Health (Dr Hilary Jones)
31: Symptoms And Early Warning Signs
32: Family Medical Companion
33: Family Medical Companion
34: Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom
35: The Enlightened Smoker's Guide To Quiting
36: The Driving Instructor's Handbook
37: Pills That Work - Pills That Don't
38: Stop Bingeing (Stay In Control Of Your Eating)
39: Counting Your Calories
40: Women's Health Guide
41: Home remedies
42: Emotions And Your Health
43: Food Optimising
44: Epilepsy
45: Beginning Reflective Practice (Foundation In Nursing And Health Care)
46: Better Eye Sight Without Glasses
47: Medicines & Prescription Drugs
48: Parents On Parenting
49: Juicing Smoothies & Blended Drinks
50: The Student Nurse Handbook
51: Successful Potty Training
52: Tired All The Time
53: The Complete Family Medical Guide
54: The Best Baby Name Book
55: Sixth Sense
56: Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
57: Family Medical Encyclopedia
58: The British Medical Association Complete Family Health Guide
59: Love Signs

30 the lot
You could easy make double that + more back on ebay.

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#727506 - 23rd Sep 2012 9:58pm Re: Job Lot of over 140 Novels [Re: Willo_]
eddtheduck Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 21st Feb 2011
Posts: 1334
Loc: happy place
Medical / Health Books
13: Plumbing (D.I.Y)

omg raftl
I'm an Unipug

#727508 - 23rd Sep 2012 10:02pm Re: Job Lot of over 140 Novels [Re: Willo_]
sunnyside Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 4th Apr 2010
Posts: 40768
Loc: wirral
you must be an avid reader eddtheduck, what a cross section you have.

#727509 - 23rd Sep 2012 10:04pm Re: Job Lot of over 140 Novels [Re: eddtheduck]
Willo_ Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 5th Jul 2012
Posts: 2518
Loc: Merseyside
Originally Posted By: eddtheduck
Medical / Health Books
13: Plumbing (D.I.Y)

omg raftl
Medical / Health Books + Others

#728004 - 25th Sep 2012 6:49pm Re: Job Lot of over 140 Novels [Re: Willo_]
fruitcake Offline

Registered: 4th May 2011
Posts: 237
Loc: wallasey
would you be willing to split these as i would be interested in the true stories but not the others , if so how much


Moderator:  Mark 
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18th Mar 2017 9:17am
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