wasn't sure where to put this so i put it in the "local News" section

as everyone knows, the wonderful government are cutting all public services to save some money...

this includes the trust of the NHS i work for, the CWP.

the CWP needs to save £13 million in the next few years which the management has decided to take from cutting nurses posts...

i'm asking all here that if you care about the NHS and don't want to see it in a state, please try to attend one of these meetings

it is thought that 8 in every 10 people have some involvement with people with mental health problems, be it a friend or relative. just imagine what it would be like if there were no services to help these people.

behind all the flowery language on the webpage they're wanting to cut mental health services to the bare bones and 'hope for the best' the same with drug & alcohol services, older people's services, early intervention services and inpatient services.

if you could read through that webpage, and other links from it you might get an idea as to what's happening.

if you can't attend any of the meetings please read the information in this document: http://www.cwp.nhs.uk/GetInvolved/tellusyourviews/Documents/CWP%20Consultation%20FINAL.pdf

and fill in this survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CWP_Community_Mental_Health_Consultation_2012

once the changes are made, they can't be reversed... much like many of the changes the last conservative government made!

thank you.