AS NEW NEVER USED - (no box)


if you were to go buy this from a retailer now it would set you back 140

comes with all accessories spray bar, sponges, media,

selling as bought my tank about 15 months ago and bought all the accessories and everything i needed seperate, but never got round to putting water and fish in the tank, so now decided to sell everything.

In addition to the traditional filtration advantages, RENA filstar XP external filters integrate many technical innovations which improve water quality in less than 48 hours after installation!

Quick and easy to install - Set of colour coded accessories so it's easy to tell what goes where.

Step by Step Instruction Booklet - Covers everything in detail with full colour photos

Easy to maintain - Removable filter baskets with handles

Ready to Use - Comes complete with all taps, silicon hoses, and full set of filter media

Central Control Handle - Quick release of hoses during maintenance, filter priming, locks automatically during maintenace, valves open and close, with anti-flood security

Other special features include:

Anti-airlock system : automatic expulsion of air

Transparent canister : so you can see the amount of settled waste matter

Shock absorbing feet to protect the filter and absorb vibration

Silicone tubing (2 lengths x 1.5m) which is more flexible and lasts longer

Square baskets for large filtration volume

Filter Media Included:1 Micro Filtration Pad1 Bio-Chem Zorb2

Coarse Foam Pad2 Fine Foam Pad

Optimal ratio of filtration area to flow

Reduced frequency of maintenance

Ultra quiet: less than 35dB at 1 metre

Suitable for aquariums 250-600 litres

Pump outflow 1350 litres per hour

Filtration volume 9.1 litres

3 filter compartment

dimensions: 415x240x210mm

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