as title says, i'm looking for a small PC

something like (but not necessarily exactly like) this:
[Linked Image]

you know the type... small 'office' type computer.

ideally the specs would be:
microsoft XP or 7 (not vista)
30-80GB HDD
working USB ports
working audio in and out jacks
some sort of RGB port or if possible, HDMI!
and maybe a disc drive but doesn't HAVE to be a dvd writer

just gonna basically link it to the TV so i can browse the web and do other basic things really... gonna use a wireless keyboard and mouse which will probably connect via USB, and as i said, will be going through the TV so won't need a monitor, if it hasn't got a HDMI port i would want a headphone socket thing so i could link it to my surround sound dvd player thingy.

cheap as possible (or if i can get away with it, free...)

anyone got anything like the above going?????/

thanks smile