Few pics from the weekend.

I decided to join the CSCC for their Tin Tops Championship round at Anglesey this weekend just gone. They do a 30 min qually session, and 40 minute race, with mandatory pit stop. The pit stop can be for a driver change, or, if like I did, its a single driver race, you have to stop, shut the car off, get out, close the door, get back in and away you go smile

Regs are no bigger than 2000cc and all cars must be N/A, being 1797cc I was class B.

Qualified 9th on the grid, and made it to 7th by the 2nd corner after a cracking start, and I eventually finished the race 6th overall, and 1st in my class - my nearest class competitor was an MB6 Civic back in 18th place and a lap down on me smile The race was won by no other than BTCC's Andrew Jordan in an EX BTCC DC5 :shock: (Down modded a little to fit in with the regs)....

Anyway, heres some pics smile

A pit stop and safety car really threw you in to the mix....

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