Immaculate condition, Used no more than 3 times and only to make Porridge in. It was too tricky to work out for my mum and has just been sat on her Kitchen work top for the last 6 months doing nothing.

It is boxed (box a bit tatty through being stored in the shed) it also has the Jml recipe guide booklet and instruction booklet with it and the parts that come with it when it was bought for 100 from the JML website 9 months ago.

These can be quite tricky to work out and you will need to have a lot of patience with it at first and read the manual and recipe guide properly, or know someone else who has one who will be able to help guide you with it. Cooking can be a bit of Trial and Error with them at first!

I will not be held responsible for any cooking mistakes that you make which can make quite a mess and possibly break these things!(i also have one and learnt the hard way at first as i never read the manual or recipe book properly before diving in, resulting in Bolognese Sauce blowing out of the vents and going everywhere!) Luckily it was ok after an hour of cleaning up!

Buyer welcome to inspect this before taking it away.

No returns

35 pick up by Tranmere Rovers. smile

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