A very high end router, as good as they get, jam packed with features. If it is possible then this router can do it. It is brand new still in the box, been plugged in and used for about 5 hours. This was a warranty replacment by net gear for a different router but this is no longer required.

If you are wondering, what can this do that a normal router can't? One example is this, you can create grops of computers in your network, you are group 1 the kids are group 2, you can content filter group 2 to ensure that certain key words are blocked from them but not from you... Face book etc. these can be scheduled to be blocked at certain times of the day, homework time? You can also bandwidth throttle them to keep them off the downloading. This is just one of the many many pages of configuration options within this router.c

Rrp is about 230, I will let it go for 150. A steal, in the box as new.