Merseyside Police are warning Wirral drivers to be on the lookout for car crime crooks.

The force is offering safety advice to motorists across the borough after a spate of incidents in which unattended vehicles have been broken into and property stolen.

Crime prevention officer for Wirral, Cons Keith Winstanley, said: "In an alarmingly high number of these cases, car owners have omitted to lock their vehicle allowing the thieves to simply open a door and steal valuables with little effort.”

Constable Winstanley said following his advice may prevent you from becoming a crime victim:

• Try to avoid parking your vehicle in quiet side roads where thieves are able to act unobserved; always ensure all doors and windows are secured.

• Never leave goods, clothing or even empty carrier bags or containers in the car.

• Take all your belongings with you, or if you can’t, lock them in the boot. Mobile phones, Sat Navs and credit cards are often stolen from glove boxes.

• Car owners should also beware of leaving their vehicle unattended with the engine running, when defrosting their windscreens in the mornings during a cold snap. Not only is it an offence to leave their car unattended with the engine running on a road, it also voids insurance should it be stolen.