Pirelli Discus DP-L10 Dual Mode WLAN/GSM Phone Sim Free

This phone has not been sold, nor are they for Sale, in any business owned by me.

I have been offered a number of these from a business that is closing and clearing old stock and they are offered here for the "technically minded" amongst you.

These phones do work and are unused, I've had a play with one and it does have quite a few features and ringtones.

The main selling point on this phone is it's ability to use both a sim card AND WiFi so you can set up a VOIP number (using sipgate for example) and have free calls and a landline number, all on your mobile.

These are selling on eBay for 25+ and I'm just selling them on at cost as if I take them I can get other items that I do want.

They come boxed with a charging stand, USB lead, software disc and a mains charger (the mains charger is 2 pin so you either need a shaver adapter, charge it from the USB or I can supply you with a UK mains for 3 extra).

eBay link with more info - NOT my advert

Looking for 15, which if you only use it as a throw away mobile is cheap.

Be aware that on many forums the battery life on these is reported as dire.