Advertising Opportunities.

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Advertising Opportunities for all business sizes.
We know how difficult it is as a small business getting your name out there, and we can offer you the best rates, the right advice at an affordable budget. No Tie in's. Cancel when you want. No Exit Fee's. Our community is your business. Wirral Residents are your new customers. We have over 500 search engines every day crawling for information to include in there searches which includes Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can increase your web rankings.

Limited Special Offer : Banner Adverts :
Limited Availability only £40 for 12 Months Banner Advertising.
You will see these around our forums the special £40 offers. If you don't see one where you would like it get in touch and we will see what we can do. Not every space is available at the £40 fee. We also have premium banner spaces at various rates. Including the Main forum footer and the header is available. We will try our best to find you the slot that best suits your business. If there isnt one then the high traffic forums may be just what you need.

Where Can I Find Those Banners?
Forum Introductions. Example Click Me
The "Forum Introductions" are the index page of many topics. We can include your banner advert in similar spaces around the forums.
Between the Posts : Reading the Topics. Example Click Me
You can find them between the 1st and 2nd post in a running topic.
If its suitable for your business then get in touch as its first come first served we don't reserve spaces.

Business Listings : Advertising Forum
List your Business in our Business Forum Directory. Think of this space as a mini site / web space just for you. You can show images and videos direct from your topic. This can also increase your Google rankings as we are indexed (Spiders) everyday from 400 + search engine & web crawlers. Daily that is! Reading and indexing your advert within there listing and search providers which will generate more web traffic to your web space or your face book page. It really does take the pain out of building a website or a Business Facebook page. ++ As a Bonus at no extra cost to you, your business name will randomly appear at key times around the forums in the advertising spaces we have reserved. WikiWirral Business Listings are a fantastic opportunity to get your business noticed!! Advertising Forum

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I Want to Advertise?
Easiest way is to give mark a call to discuss your opportunities,
please call "Mark" on 077 8489 6802 Any day for your questions answered. 10am 6pm

Or send us a enquiry Click Me

This is a great opportunity to get yourself or your business noticed, reaching local residents with local business. With about 200 new members every month and with almost 10,000 Registered members, we are one of the best placed websites for your business needs with the best advertising rates.

Internet search engines crawl our forum every hour of every day with 500+ search engines a day adding wikiwirral's content to their databases. Google, Bling, Yahoo and many many more. We are a local web forum for local people and local business.

With Over 40,000 Page Views a Day we are hitting 1 Million 1,000,000 Views a Month With Google Analytics's verified.
Google Analytics is now industry standard for producing website statistics.
This is a recent image below showing our monthly statistics. Page views and visitors is what Advertisers want to know.
We are impressed and proud to show off our success, don't waste any time and get yourself noticed locally.

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If you can not find the answer you need then please give us a call to discuss your Advertising Opportunities.

Please call Mark : 077 8489 6802 Mon - Friday 9am -5pm

Or send us a enquiry Click Me

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