Hi all bought this when i bought my mac book pro this year, it has a year membership when activated, basically you can learn anything you want to learn to do with apple osx, it gives you one hour a week for a year , and its your choice what you choose to learn about, you can learn about the operating system itself and how to run and use it all properly, or you can pick specific things such as learning about cubase, iworks, itunes etc, anything really and its a one to one session each week.

I was going to use this for learning about cubase but as i now use a different program its no longer needed. You can only buy this membership when purchasing a new macbook/macbook pro/imac etc, you cannot buy this separately.

I paid 80 I am looking for 45 for it, 45 pound for up to 52 hour sessions, well worth it and more. You do not have to go every week if you dont want to/cant you can go whenever you want but just once a week

thanks laugh

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