The World At War Special Limited Edition Box Set

£30, 30 VHS Videoís & 2 Dvdís Wallasey

The Yellow Star
The Liberation Of Auschwitz
The Liberation Of Majdanek
Box Set

Gestapo, Hitlers Secret Police
Nazi Atrocities
Nuremberg, The Nazi War Crimes Trial
Secrets Of WW11 Adolf Hitlers Last Days
A Profile Of Hitler The Dictator
A Profile Of Hitler The Commander

Battle Of The Bulge
Operation Overlord
Assault On Italy
The African Offensive

Holocaust 1, 2 & 3.

Schindlers List
And The Violins Stopped Playing.

2 dvdís, The Secret Life Of Adolf Hitler,
Nazi Concentration Camps.

30 Videos & 2 dvdís Altogether.

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