Having a clear out as you may have noticed, for Sale is a total of 14 sticks of computer memory

All have been taken from working machines over the past year so I expect they should all work ok.

Laptop memory:

infineon pc2700 256mb ddr x 2
infineon pc2100 256mb ddr x 1
nanya? pc2700 256mb ddr x 1
proMOS pc2700 256mb x 1
ramaxel 512mb pc2-4200 x 2


Desktop memory

512mb ddr400 x 1
skiltek? 512mb ddr x 1
corsair valueselect 256mb pc3200 x 1
infineon 256mb ddr400 x 1
hynix 512mb pc3200 x1
siemens(compaq) 8mx64 pc100 x 1
PT 128mb pc100 x 1

Great for any pc upgrade person, great for carboot / resell potential or just general computer boffins

£30 the lot