Slim line intruder alarm panel featuring integral keypad,
Size 246mm x 185mm x 55mm
8 fully programmable zones and facility for up to 6 remote keypads
8 fully programmable zones plus tamper
Service timers (date programmable)
2 programmable part set suites
Keypad Panic attack option
Accepts up to 6 LED backlit remote keypads
Single button quick set option
Latching walk test mode
Soak test suite
Key switch facility
Quiet entry tone on part set
Will accept up to 2.2Ah backup battery

This one on Moreton Alarms site
Comes with Installation manual, and operating manual. I installed it, but never used it, now I have moved, I have no need for it.

Cost me 45 when I got it, but MAS are selling them now for 37.42.
So I will let it go for 15, for an extra 5 I will remove your old panel and install this one if you want to update your old panel.

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