Even Better... TWO Cheap Computers

The first is a very (very) basic PC, probably best suited either for somebody to learn on, or for keeping a door wedged open.

Dell Optiplex GX50
Intel Celeron 1.10
Floppy Drive
Comes with Window XP Pro Installed (fresh install) and has genuine COA key on the side (sticker probably worth more than the machine).

Case is marked and the flap is missing that covers the USB ports on the front, but this is just cosmetic.
This IS a very (VERY) low spec machine, and I'd be tempted to throw it, but for some reason this one doesn't want to die.

15 (for a computer !!!!)

The second is another "didn't want to die" PC, it's an RM and was originally used by a local education authority.
It has also had (genuine) Windows reinstalled, updated, all drivers and some anti virus software.

It's an all-in-one, so you basically have a flat screen with a PC built into it. It's going to be a cheap computer for someone.

2Ghz Intel Celeron
40GB Hard Drive
CD ROM (slimline)
Screen looks to be about 14", didn't get a chance to measure it, and the speakers are built in (think it has a built in mic as well.)

45 (all you need is a keyboard and mouse)

Both machines are "Internet Ready", meaning they were used on Virgin Media smile