Hi All,
I am trying, with no success, to get in touch with an old mate of mine Mick Roberts, we used to go to Pensby Seondary Modern 1952 - 1955. Mick lived in Pensby, in a road opposite the Pensby Hotel. He had an 'Uncle'Alf Roberts, who was a blacksmith and worked at Dawpool Farm, Thurstaston, as I did for a while. Mick must be 70 now, and I have'nt been in contact for years.
I was born in Irby, 1940,but now live in Leicestershire, what a great site this is. When I came out of the army in 67, I joined the Fire Brigade and was stationed at Whetstone Lane before moving on to the No 2 station at Upton, Bonfire night in Birkenhead used to give us some grief, especially around the docks, Tees Street etc.
Bye for now