These are copies of my very own amature footage walking around Brookside close set on the 23rd Febuary. This is for fans who would like to have a copy as this was the last time anymore was 'allowed' to take pictures & video clips as the residents have been moved in since.

The DVD includes a nice walk around the Close house to house,
We take a look inside the Bungerlow (Harry Cross)
We take a look inside the Grants house
We also look into the backstage production area.
It is around 20 minutes long.

I own all copyright & this is not featuring any Episodes from Channel 4 or Lime Pictures.

I am currently selling on Ebay too after Ebay let me after taking the listing down because they thought it was episodes, But its my own footage put onto DVD for fans!
please let me know if you want a copy?
5 Free P&P.