Dance Ejay 5 (Create your own Dance music)

Lost The Video Game

Wild Earth - Africa- (Would be Brilliant for any youngster to understand more about animals etc)

The Settlers - Heritage of Kings Gold Edition (Simular to Age of Empires)

The Settlers - Rise of an Empire

Assasins Creed - Directors Cut edition)

Brothers in arms - Earned in Blood

Brothers in arms: Road to hill 30 (Both amazing ww2 first person shooter games)

Faces of War - Fantastic ww2 game

Supreme Commander 2 (Brilliant strategy game like Command & Conquer type)

Command & Conquer - Tiberian Sun

Star Wars - Empire at war (Simular to Command & Conquer)

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts

Blazing Angels Squadrons of ww2

any games you like or interested in please pm me a offer... or even for the lot...