If you have one of the Thompson Boxes (image Below)

you can get the info by typing the following in your browser.
Default Setting :

O2 wireless box II
Product Name: TG585 v7
Software Release:

- - - - -
Ive been suffering from an Internet lagg and outages over the last few days and after reporting the problem yesterday they now say i need a firmware update.

Its just a heads up that if you have one of these boxes and your with 02 for your Broad band then there is a firmware update available via there technical support.
(They do it) it has to be logged and now i have to wait . .

Want to Back up your settings become the super user.
It is fiddley to log in but you will get there with the following.
Dont copy and paste it dont work.
If it fails try a few time it will work.


Apparently i have to wait for a Orange Power light then i know its been done.

Hope that helps.

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