If you have ever wanted to have a go at motorsport, here is your chance, to cheaply, and legally try your hand at the entry level of rallying!

Every year Wallasey Motor Club run a Navigational Scatter Rally championship, which consists of 5-6 rounds located in Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales.

The layout is basically as follows. The event runs over a 2 hour period after dark. Competitiors (A driver and navigator) meet up at a given start location, and are handed out a sheet listing 20 OS map references each with a points value - at each location there is a board (A4 sheet) with a code letter to prove you have visited. You are given 30 mins to plot these locations and decide on a route to take to visit as many as possible getting as many points as possible. The time in which you have to get as many as you can is 90 mins, with a 15 minute lateness margin which is a points deduction depending on time over the 90 mins - any more than the 105 mins total, and you are deemed OTL (Over Time Limit) and excluded.

So, what is needed?

You need WMC membership which is currently 17.50 / year. A driver and navigator. A car. OS Landranger map (about 6-7) and roamer (less than 5)! Entry per event is 5. Thats it!

As a driver / navigator, you require no extra license other than the std driving license for the driver. The car must be fully trimmed (no stripped interiors) and be a solid colour, and although there is nothing in the rules about exhausts, anything too loud will be frowned upon. In the past a VW Diesel Caddy has won events, so its not about how fast your car is, its all about your navigation skills, consistant driving and good team work. Sat Nav isnt allowed!

Local Police are informed of the event, so they are happy it goes ahead, and TBH you will be struggling to break any speed limits on country lanes!

Events generally start at 7:30pm, with first car out at 8pm so everyone is back at the finish for 10pm for the results.

Please PM me if you want any more details, or have a look at www.wallaseymc.com

Its a damn good laugh, legal, competitive, and pretty much anyone car do it! If you have an interest in cars and motorsport, this is deffinatly something to try - you can go as fast / slow as you like!

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