Yesterday I read a thread about an underground river in Birkenhead, near to Beatties - typically I now can't find it but bizarrely I had a conversation today that may link up.

I was in Bathers having my tyres done and the owner was telling me about the road Bathers is on, which is Spring Street. He told me the reason it is called that is because there is a network of underground springs/rivers under the block and that they were linked to the Mersey. This conversation only came about because I was moaning about the ice and he said that the road regularly freezes over when the springs get high and the temperature is cool. He said it didn't even need to be that cold! The cellar in the Pub next door will also flood if the tide is particularly high.

It may be completely unrelated but I thought it was interesting all the same!! Does anyone know more about these 'springs'?

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