A few years ago I was involved in an accident where I was ran over by a car whilst I was riding my push bike.

I instructed my solicitor to deal with the case. They told me that it would be worth using my car's motor legal protection in the case, for which I provided the policy details.

What a mistake!! The insurance company hassled the hell out of me asking me to provide details of the car accident I was in. After explaining several times and raising a formal complaint that my car was at home on the drive on the day in question and I was in fact riding my push bike.

Never tell your insurance company of any accident unless they ask for it. This accident has appeared on every renewal notice I've had off them. Every time I have to ring up and tell them to remove it, this is in case I need to forward the renewal notice onto a new insurance company.

Also, if you're involved in an accident, just provide the other party with your details. Personally I wouldn't even mention it to the insurance company if you are planning on settling in cash, say if it was minor damage.

Always let the insurance company come to you, if you've been in an accident and the 3rd party wants to try and claim off you, your insurance company will just write to you asking that you provide the details.

In the event of using a solicitor, just say you don't have motor legal protection and they will just take out a new policy to cover their no-win no-fee.

Personally, I would never use an insurance company to try and recover money from a third party, always use a solicitor as insurance companies are next to useless and will give up easily.

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