i am selling my sat nav pda as i dont use anymore

The new HP iPAQ 1710 Navigator solution with Integrated IrDA. A compact Car Cradle with integrated SiRFStar III GPS receiver, built-in speaker, and built-in windshield-mount suction cup. This pocket pc reflects a new innovative move in PDA strategy from HP. The HP iPAQ 1710 is presently the best value priced PDA from the new range of iPAQs, and is specifically engineered to fulfil the role of the bargain priced PDA based GPS system.

From its specifications it is a strategically streamlined version of the very latest handheld computers. It is perfect for Satellite Navigation due to its competitive pricing, bottom-based connection port and its portrait and landscape viewing modes.

The HP iPAQ 1710 comes with a SDIO Secure Digital Slot allowing memory expansion via a SD memory Card for the storing of important documents or allowing you to turn your iPAQ PDA into a pocket sized MP3 or Video Player. The 1710 is also ideal for the storage of maps if using as a PDA based GPS system. SDIO also allows you to expand your functionality with Secure Digital Accessories such as modems and scanners.

With a broad range of software features and infrared, the HP iPAQ 1710 handheld is an essential device for the busy professional/person who wishes to communicate access and manage information whenever they want and in general keep ahead of a busy personal/business environment or lifestyle.

Infrared allows you to simply access the internet or email whenever you please regardless of where you are [requires compatible infrared-enabled mobile phone to act as a modem]. In addition this form of communication allows you to synchronise information with other handheld devices, laptops, mobile phones and desktop computers easily and accurately.

The range of software is easy to use reflecting the most popular basics you use on your home or office pc everyday. With the HP iPAQ 1710 comes Mobile Office 2003 providing cut down versions of Word, Excel and Outlook allowing you to remain productive and access your documents at all times. Outlook comes complete with everything needed to stay ahead of a busy schedule either work related or personal: reminders, appointments, alarms, notes, tasks, calendar.

looking 200 cash and it comes with a 1gb card