Had a great day at Oulton yesterday, had a pretty hampered quali session, where I didnt get one clear lap - when the track was clear ahead, something was catching up, and when nothing was catching me up, there was a slower car ahead.

Ended up 20th on a 31 car grid.

Had a pretty good race, holding off a few cars at the start of the race until eveything settled down, and then I got my head down and got on with it. Managed to stay pretty close to th black 3 door cosworth - 420bhp and running slicks!!! I also beat my mate in his slick shod EP3 - for the first time this year - been gradually getting quicker, and I finally beat him on track - admittedly he did retire, but I was beating him at the time, and beat his fastest lap by over a second!!

Finished 13th overall, 1st in class, and set a new class lap record - I was also the highest finishing car, not on slicks! smile


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