i am selling a nokia 6100 mobile phone. This phone has never been used and is still in the box. It does not come with a sim card and is unlocked to any network. This nokia 6100 comes complete with the manual, charger, battery, pc software and the box.It is packed with useful features and a large colour display. The nokia 6100 is simple yet sophisticated, compact yet comfortable. Don't let its size deceive you - the Nokia 6100 phone offers advanced mobile technology, providing you with uncompromising performance for both private and professional life. The Nokia 6100 phone's small size, large colour display, and comfortable keypad makes it compact, yet convenient. The nokia 6100 has a handsfree speaker. You can write messages and calendar notes, or access your phone's various features with the four-way scroll key. Now you can add more media to your messages with the Nokia 6100 phone. You can send and receive text, ringing tones, graphics, and pictures between compatible devices. Your Nokia 6100 phone's MMS capability will reshape the landscape of mobile communication, by making it more personal, expressive, and versatile than ever before. This phone has a predictable text feature that can be turned on or off. Java lets you personalize your Nokia 6100 phone with more than just ringing tones and screen savers. Download interactive games, life management tools, travel-related applications, and information tools. And when you no longer need the application, it's as easy to remove, as it was to save. The phone has GPRS for fast WAP browsing and email is also supported. You don't even have to log on to the network - GRPS is "always on", so you can instantly connect to services. You can send and receive data in HSCSDnetworks at up to 43.2 kbps using a compatible PC, connected to the PC either by cable or infrared. Since the Nokia 6100 phone works in GSM 900/1800/1900 networks, you have global coverage. Whether arriving in Sydney or New York, London or Tokyo, your connection follows you where you go. Whether on impulse or planned, you should be able to make purchases when you want, where you want. Now it's possible with your Nokia 6100 mobile phone. Using the electronic wallet in your Nokia mobile phone - a password-protected file containing credit cards or customer loyalty cards in virtual form - you can perform mobile transactions that are both safe and convenient. You can buy an attachable camera for this phone from any mobile phone shop. The size of this phone is 102x44x13.5mm, the standby time is Up to 300 hours and it weighs only 76g. It also has vibration alert.please pm me or e mail me at scoobysbitch@cruisewirral.com with any questions that you may have. I have described it as truthfully as I can but different people notice different things and if I have overlooked something of importance to you, then please ask.

150 and its yours