Birkenhead Tunnel will be closed during this weekend's Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride

THE Birkenhead Tunnel will be closed to vehicles on Sunday for the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool bike ride.

Over 2000 cyclists will be on the roads between Liverpool and Chester from 8am until approximately 4pm.

The tunnel will be closed to traffic between 7am and 4pm, to give riders exclusive access.

Drivers are requested to either avoid the route, or be patient and give riders plenty of space as they aim to achieve personal fitness goals on this one-day-in-the-year event.

The A540 into Chester will be particularly busy and motorists should be expecting a higher volume of cyclists on the road than normal.

Riders will pass through Chester City Centre for the first time this year, as part of a new route.

The A41 from Chester to Hooton and Willaston will also be busier than usual.

In addition to drivers being aware of cyclists on Sunday, it is essential for anyone taking part in this year's Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride to be aware of what is going on around them.

Event organisers have suggested some key safety tips for cyclists taking part in the ride this year:

Know what is going on around you at all times, looking and listening when setting off, stopping and making maneuvers.

Try to work with cyclists around you Ė there will be lots of cyclists out on the roads on Sunday so ensure you are aware of others. A bell on your bike is always useful.

Taking full control of your bike should be your main priority, keeping both hands on handle bars at all times whilst riding.

Get the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride emergency contact number before you set off on the ride in case you need to get in touch whilst out cycling.

It is recommended to wear a helmet. They don't stop you having an accident, but they seriously reduce the impact if you do fall.

It would be useful to take a pair of sunglasses in case it is sunny on the day. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, whilst keeping bugs and trailing branches out of your eyes as well, which could prevent an accident from happening.

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