can anyone help us? we are looking for old bikes to "recycle" sorry for the pun! we repair old bikes and give some away to people on free cycle/youth clubs/ local schools for cyclng proficiency tests.i know this sounds odd but for every bike you see on the road approximately 7 are off the roads in sheds and gardens broken.we are not looking for new ones we want effectively scrap/damaged etc..all we ask is that theyre whole . we have tried going to the tip..........they all go to nortons scrap and we cant have them? weve been to the scrap yards-no! you cant have them either? we are currently flagging down scrap collectors in their transits with washing machines on the back and ofering scrap weight to them about £1.20 each again no joy....any ideas?
if you go to it gives you an idea of what we are trying to do..many thanks