£100 or make me an offer...

This DVD Recorder has both analog and digital terrestrial tuners (analog handy for some things), will upscale to 720/1080i/1080p (and trust me, Toshiba upscalers are awsome, the difference is certainly noticable both on SDTV and DVD's - its like the difference between SuperVHS vs DVD), has YPbPr, SCART and HDMI output, an ariel loopthrough, and S-Video, composite, SCART and audio input.

It is pretty quick to load DVD's and is excellent as a recorder. It can iirc, record upto 8 hours on a SL DVDR/RW, 16 hours on a DL DVDR/R and 32 hours on a DS DL DVD/R. The recording quality is spectacular on all settings, especially on the longer setting considering the compression level, and the audio quality is always crystal.

It will play back DivX movies, and obviously will do standard 576 output for those with TV's that do not support HD resolutions.