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#403826 - 24th Apr 2010 2:35am Whiskas Advert
bobi1 Offline

Registered: 5th Dec 2009
Posts: 572
Loc: wirral
This is a bit random but since watching this latest cat food ad, I was wondering about possible legal issues. The ad involves a cat owner feeding not only her own cat with the said product, but feeding a neighbour's cat too, and, from the wording of the ad, on a regular basis. I was initially irritated by the idea of someone feeding someone else's pet, but then thought what if that person then decided to claim ownership of your pet based on the bond created by feeding them regularly? I don't have insurance to prove my pets are mine. The only things I have are photographs (but someone claiming ownership might also have taken pictures too) and a good relationship with my vet, who would hopefully back me up if I needed someone to vouch for my ownership. This is all theory of course but how easy would it be for you to prove ownership of your pet if you didn't have an insurance certificate? I'm asking because I have heard that, at least in the past, a neighbour from another street used to occasionally feed my cat, although I don't think they do so now. My cat is greedy by the way, not underfed by us, hence the reason he used to scrounge freebies off the neighbours. Just thought I'd float this one past you all.

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#403831 - 24th Apr 2010 6:03am Re: Whiskas Advert [Re: bobi1]
bert1 Offline

Wiki Veteran

Registered: 27th Nov 2008
Posts: 7864
Loc: tranmere
Not sure of the legalities, but your word against another would probably not hold, i suppose the best way would be to have the cat chipped and have any documentation that goes with it. I'm no cat expert but some cats are known for having 2 homes, a friend of mine who had their cat from a kitten had to accept that when their cat went missing for long periods of time it was at its other home, proof of this was it always came back in tip top condition and quite often had a different colour flea collar on. It just didn't disappear for a few days, it was more like months.
As far as i know, it still does it to this day.

Get yourself a goldfish, they find it very difficult to get to a neighbours house. seeyu

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#403841 - 24th Apr 2010 9:03am Re: Whiskas Advert [Re: bert1]
davew3 Offline
Forum Guide

Registered: 16th Jun 2009
Posts: 1024
Loc: Wirral
Our mad moggy has a tag inserted which can be scanned so that takes that problem away,we have a moggy from down the road who is the same age as our moggy and comes and goes into our house but eats our cats food and gets chased away by him when he comes back in.

#403962 - 24th Apr 2010 6:19pm Re: Whiskas Advert [Re: bobi1]
starakita Online   content

Forum Master

Registered: 1st Oct 2009
Posts: 2228
Loc: between heaven & hell
my cat ever since he was able to, has gone to my next door neighbour.she bought him cat food. buys him christmas presents, new collars even his flea stuff.she didnt mind him going in there as he was company when her husband was door was his bolthole away from the dog & kids when he wanted peace.i look on it as a good thing, because when we go away she looks after him although i provide food & litter for his tray.she gave me some money toward the vet when he got ran over as a young cat,even though it only cost 50.00 for his op to have his leg pinned. my cat's got the best of both worlds
no1s gonna keep me from u

#404142 - 25th Apr 2010 2:16pm Re: Whiskas Advert [Re: starakita]

Cats don't have the pack instinct which dogs have so they don't really care who feeds them! Miss feeding your cat once or twice and see what 'bonds' you really have with your moggy!

A bit off-topic but it was interesting to read on the net yesterday about a German Shepherd who saved his owner's home by guiding emergency services to the blazing building. Your cat would never do that! Your moggy will just stare at you waiting to be fed, then bugger off next door whilst you toast!


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