A quantity of scaffolding available to offers...

Galvanised Steel Tube (total 585ft)
15ft Qty 10
10ft Qty 18
8ft Qty 15
5ft Qty 27

Base Plates Qty 8 - Quite a bit of surface rust.

Sleeves Qty 14
Swivels Qty 30
Couples Qty 25
Boulton Couples Qty 60

The tube was bought secondhand and the rest brand new just over 5 years ago for total of about 600.

Apart from the tube, the rest has been stored indoors and looks in very good condition only being used 3 times (except the base-plates were only 30p each, not going to get a lot of galvanising for that).

There are 8ft Boards qty 6 but are in very poor condition as they are stored outside.

All the above sold as scrap due to the safety implications, if you want to use it, you need to examine it. I know two tubes were damaged at ends, one looked like it had been tomb-stoned (vertical fall), the other had split (guess another fall), if I were to use them I would just angle grind the end off.

Any offers - you collect from Heswall or I can arrange delivery at cost.