A round up of who's appeared before Wirral Magistrates this week.

A 65-YEAR-OLD Thingwall man facing a drink-related motoring allegation told Wirral Magistrates he was totally devastated by his actions on the night in question.

David Bertram Hewitt of Kings Drive, said he was completely contrite.

He said he had always abided by the law and respected it. He could only surmise the degree of alcohol he had drank, which was about six to eight glasses of wine, had caused him to act irresponsibly and totally out of character.

Prosecutor Alan Currums told how Hewitt collided with another car in Cornelius Drive, Thingwall, at 5.15pm.

He failed to stop but was later seen by police near the scene and was unable to stand without assistance.

He admitted he had had “lots” to drink but at the police custody suite failed to provide any sample for analysis.

Hewitt pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen and also failing to stop after an accident.

Magistrates fined him £275 plus £80 costs and banned him from driving for 18 months.


POLICE who attended an address in Devonshire Road, Birkenhead, after a report of damage were nearly hit by a chair leg which was thrown through a broken window, Wirral Magistrates were told.

Officers eventually forced entry to arrest 38-year- old Alan Sword, and amphetamine was later found in his possession.

Sword, of Devonshire Road, pleaded guilty to causing damage to windows and a fire door and frame belonging to Riverside Housing and also possession of a controlled drug.

Damage was put at £1,653, said prosecutor Alan Currums.

Defence lawyer Andy Slight for Sword said he drank to excess and also took amphetamine and it had a disastrous effect. In his own words he “completely lost it” on the day.

Mr Slight said Sword had not previously been in trouble and apologised.

Magistrates made him the subject of a nightly curfew between 7pm and 7am for the next ten weeks. Sword was ordered to pay £800 towards compensation for the damage plus £30 costs.


CARL Robert Wyllie, 32, of Newport Close, Prenton, was remanded on bail until September 1 for committal proceedings by Wirral Magistrates.

They declined summary trial for Wyllie who faced drugs allegations including unlawful possession of cannabis and amphetamine and a more serious matter of possession of 15.7 grammes of cocaine with intent to supply.


A 28-YEAR-OLD woman faced Wirral Magistrates following an alleged dog biting incident at Birkenhead.

Fiona Ann Bailey of Grange Mount, Birkenhead, was remanded on bail until September 4 for trial.

She pleaded not guilty to a charge she allowed a dog to enter premises in Grange Road West, Birkenhead, where it caused injury to a woman last April.


A MOTORIST who admitted to having drank two pints when he was stopped by police appeared before Wirral Magistrates.

A blood sample given by 54-year-old Norman Blackmore of Breckside Avenue, Wallasey, showed he was just over the legal driving level.

Blackmore pleaded guilty to drink-driving. He said he did not think at the time he was over the limit otherwise he would not have got in his car.

He was fined £100 plus £80 costs and was disqualified from driving for 12 months.



WIRRAL Magistrates declined to deal summarily with a Greasby man following an alleged hammer attack on a cab driver.

Clifford Anthony Heffey, 35, of Barker Lane, was remanded on bail until September 1 for committal proceedings.

He is charged with bodily harm assault at Barker Lane and also obstructing or resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty.