I got the following boxes currently available, and want rid if anyone wants em:

- Amstrad DRX500
- Amstrad DRX550

The 500 is in near-mint condition, but has been used for a few months as part of a multiroom setup, comes with the old blue Sky remote. The 550 is pretty much brand new, used mainly for testing purposes, was originally to replace a Pace DS430N multiroom box, but never got round to installing it. Comes with the new white remote.

25 for either or 30 delivered and installed anywhere on Wirral or Chester.

The DRX500 is actually designed and intended for Sky Italia, but a limited amount of units were released to Sky UK when there was a shortage of the ugly DRX400 units. It is quite a rare and sought after model in the UK for its contemporary looks and small size.


DRX 550