Paul McCartney hits out at Joe Jackson

Beatle legend Sir Paul McCartney has hit out at Joe Jackson for contributing to his son's problems through his overbearing and violent nature during Jacko's childhood.

Macca caused a storm earlier in the week when he failed to mention Joe in an official statement, sending his condolences to Michael's "Mother and rest of the family".

But although Sir Paul claims the snub was "not on purpose", the music legend reckons Joe's physical abuse on Michael contributed to the King of Pops problems in life.

Speaking to Canadian radio, Macca said: "When I issued the statement I had a feeling things might be construed like that.

"The truth is I kind of know Katherine a bit better, I've met her a few times with Michael and with the family and she was a more personal friend than the dad.

"I haven't really met Joe, so that was why I did that.

"I don't know for sure about the physical abuse but I know he was on a TV programme and the interviewer said: 'Did you ever beat Michael?" And Joe replied, 'I didn't beat him, I whupped him.'

"So I am pretty sure that went on, I don't want to be the judge on that kind of thing but I do think that contributed to some of the problems Michael might have had.

"I was very blessed because Michael never gave me a sense of that stuff, we just hung out and had fun."

Macca, 67, has also revealed Jacko did not leave him the Beatles back-catalogue in his will.

The pair had a public falling out after Jacko outbid Macca and Lennon's widow Yoko Ono for the rights of the tracks in 1985.

Sir Paul revealed: "I heard this rumour a couple of days ago about the songs, I don't think that is true.

"I got off that years ago.

"It was something for a while I was very keen on and you can see why, naturally.

"I thought it was a natural with Michael taking over that something would be happening there but when I realised it wasn't I thought, get off it.

"Those sort of things can eat you up so I thought get off it."