1. Mikko Hirvonen (Finland) 58
2. Sebastien Loeb (France) 57
3. Daniel Sordo (Spain) 39
4. Henning Solberg (Norway) 27
5. Jari-Matti Latvala (Finland) 25
6. Petter Solberg (Norway) 25
7. Matthew Wilson (Britain) 19
8. Federico Villagra (Argentina) 14
9. Sebastien Ogier (France) 13
10. Conrad Rautenbach (Zimbabwe) 8
11. Mads Ostberg (Norway) 7
12. Khalid Al Qassimi (United Arab Emirates) 6
13. Evgeny Novikov (Russia) 4
14. Chris Atkinson (Australia) 4
15. Krzystof Holowczyc (Poland) 3
16. Urmo Aava (Estonia) 1
17. Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar) 1
18. Lambros Arthanassoulas (Greece) 1

Just thought Id share with you an exciting prospect.
In the past 3-4 years at this point in the championship.. Sebastien Loeb has always been at the top of the tabel.. and then goes on to win the championship.. again.

Mikko Hirvonen seems to be doing the business though, and with the next rally being Finland.. He has a slight advantage over Loeb and will hopefully increase his lead substantially.


Another plus side is Petter Solberg whos been competing in a Privateer , non works backed Citroen Xsara. The car is 3 years old, a major disadvantage compared to the newer technology, yet hes still lying 6th and consistently pulling out the results. Everyone wrote him off when Subary were still running, but I think this has helped shut the haters up, and proves how good a driver he actually is !!