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240bhp Mugen-tuned Civic Type R arrives in the UK this Autumn - but it'll cost £35k

Hardcore Mugen Type R will get 240bhpThe long-rumoured hardcore version of the Honda Civic Type R could arrive in the UK this autumn, but it won’t be a full production model. Instead, the extra-hot Type R will be a limited-run track special developed by Mugen, Honda’s tuning arm.

The Mugen-tuned Civic Type R is expected to be powered by a 240bhp version of the standard 2.0-litre VTEC unit that is already available in a Mugen version of the Japanese-spec civic Type R saloon.

The new car, which will be based on the UK-spec three-door hatchback body style, will also cost an eye-watering £35,000-£40,000 when it finally goes on Sale in the UK, a solid £10,000 more than the Ford Focus RS. But the track-focused Type R will be a rare sight – fewer than a hundred examples will be imported to the UK.

Aside from the modifications to the engine, the Mugen Type R will get a smattering of carbonfibre body bits and a stripped-out two-seat interior.

Mugen, which was formed in the 1970s by the son of Honda founder Soichiro Honda, has recently acquired a former Cosworth facility in Northamptonshire, so it looks like Honda has serious plans to create a proper Mugen presence in the UK – the Mugen Civic Type R could be just the start.

240bhp is only the same power that got from the F20C variation they fitted to the S2000 though think

I would have thought Mugen could have got the 240bhp "C" engine and squeezed a few more bhp from that engine...

It does however show a lot of the other manufactures that this power can be made without a turbo and without the torque steer that comes with the torque of a turbo car in a FWD car.


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